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Mira Bai – Ram Ratan Dhan above all Wealth

Most of us have heard about Mira Bai and her zenith of bhakti for the Bhagwan. There are numerous bhajans available. 

The underlying philosophy of the approach she adopted can be summarized as – Ram Ratan dhan is above all the dhan (wealth). Here it is acknowledged that not everyone can transcend to that level immediately, but this can serve as an ideal path or a guiding force for thinking beyond materialistic gains (temporary) and achieving higher order gains (eternal).

Literature for further reading: 

  • Book – Mira Bai (Rajasthani Poetess) By Usha Nilsson  (google book link)
  • Mira Bai : Her Life And Times by Hermann Goetz (buy e-book on  kindle
  • The Devotional Poems of Mirabai by A.J. Alston

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