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Bhagwan Ganesh and Maa Lakshmi

Bhagwan Ganesh, who is the Devta of Buddhi (intellect, wisdom) lead human beings to the right path by enlightening their thoughts with positive and right ideas (sat-buddhi). This is essential in decision making, which is an important component of the personal finance.

The facets of Bhagwan Ganesh carry many learning for human beings – making the right and positive start, having large ears for better listening, parikrama of Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati (respect for parents and elders), remaining calm and composed for balanced approach in life etc.

Maa Lakshmi, who resides in Vaikunth with Bhagwan Vishnu lead human beings to the path of virtuous life, devotion to Bhagwan, Karm Yog (कराग्रे वस्ते लक्ष्मी), cleanliness, purity, better health and wealth. The lotus flower implies that remaining detached while performing the duties is essential.

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